Rebecca Shop Doula Toolbox

Hey there! {I'm Rebecca}

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a planner. I love to strategize. I love to explore businesses and dig into all of the moving parts. 

Most of all, I love helping others reach goals.

After a number of years working at my own biz as a side hustle, I took a leap of faith and went all in. I’m a full time entrepreneur LOVING that the universe has led me to doulas.

Accessibility. {and what it means to me}

As much as I love being an entrepreneur, it doesn’t come without challenges. One of my biggest frustrations (get ready for a heck yes moment) was the not so talked about COST of building your own empire.

I get it. I do. I didn’t expect it to be free, but it felt like every time I turned around I was being challenged to come up with more cash than I was making and that disheartening question of ‘can I really make this work?’ played over and over. I constantly heard ‘if you really want it you’ll find a way’ and hey, I’m all about it and I did find a way many, many times… but not always.

Listen. I’m not saying that the things that cost a lot weren’t worth it. I’m a cheerleader for charging what you’re worth and valuing other people’s knowledge. BUT! I just really struggled trying to find things that were accessible to where I was in my business.

I don’t want that same struggle for you and that’s why I’m committed to accessibility.

I want you to succeed. {big time}

The programs and products that I create are designed for you to take implementable action, one step at a time. They are also designed so that there is something for everyone, where ever you are in business or in life.

Happy shopping!